APRIL 16, 2014


Greetings - fellow Shanghailanders!

It has now been more than four years since our last successful and enjoyable reunion cruise in which we counted 75 participants . I believe the time has come to have another exciting get-together and to reminisce and to enjoy each others' company aboard a wonderful ship for one week.

Our webmaster agreed to run information about this exciting event on the website that we became familiar with - www.rickshaw.org

More details will be forthcoming shortly when we will have dates, group pricing, etc. In the meantime I look forward to hearing from you.

With my best Shanghailander wishes for a Happy Passover,

Gary Naftaniel


Photos taken by the Poizners
The Reunion Report
Photos by Gary Naftaniel
Photos by Rene
Photos - Shul Visit by Gary Naftaniel
Photos by Lowe

Shanghailanders in the U.S. Military
My German Passport found in Shanghai. By Peter Nash
The friendship between the Chinese and Jewish People
My Impressions of Shanghai after 61 years. - By Steven Low
On the Wings of the Phoenix" - An exhibition of Dr. Feng Ho's life.
The first Wedding in the Ohel Rachel Synagogue
The Shammos of Shanghai - By R. Harpuder
Max Schmeling - Champ and savior of Jews - By R. Harpuder

Business in the Ghetto
"The Hongkew Yellow Pages" 
My Parent's Wedding and Rabbi Prinz
Wedding Photos - By Sonja Muehlberger
The Captain from Koepenick. -
A Center for Jewish life in Germany. -
What? More memorabilia! -
Envelopes and Postcards -
Jews in Modern China - a lecture by Prof. Pan - By R. Harpuder
The Leica Freedom Train -
 A Memorable Piece of Mail -
 A Small Photograph shows the Way - by R. Harpuder
'Heimat und Exil' - The Berlin Museum Exibit - by R. Harpuder

 Memories from our lives -
 Shanghailanders meet again in the City -
 The Council of the Jewish Community- By R. Harpuder
 Over 80 tombstones found -
 Souvenirs from the Ghetto -
 Commemorated on a philadelic lable -

 The Shanghai Guild of Craftsmen
  A 'Shanghai Assignment' Photo Exhibit -
 The Golden Gate Bridge - A Doorway for Thousands
 A  Cruise to Remember
 In Appreciation of Bruno Heinsius

 Thanks for care-packages

 60th Anniv. of Liberation from MAUTHAUSEN

A Cozy Get-together
Purim in the Shanghai Ghetto   
The Rooster Reigns in 2005

An Interesting Item

Chanukah as celebrated in Shanghai in '45 & '47.

A Special Envelope

Rosh Hashana - As celebrated 57 years ago

Assignment Shanghai

The Provision Stores in Hongkew

Making Contact Again

Celebrating and Commemorating

Mother's Day in Hongkew

The Sinking of the tss Conte Verde.

Pearl Harbor - A Pivotal Day

July 17, 1945 - A day etched in our memory
Another Piece of Memorabilia
The Year of the Monkey
The Story of Shanghai
Did We Have Fun?
The European Jewish Artist Society
Horst Lewinski's Photo Album
Hanukka - Some 60 years ago

An Escape from the Heat
A Photograph of 63 years ago

Rosh Hashana 5764
The Cigar Box
Oh, those deplorable Heime
Take a stroll down Chusan Road
Shanghai Boy Scouts

How we left Shanghai - A Profound Story

The Chinese Monetary System in the 30's and 40's

The Ships that brought us to Shanghai

From Marbles, Packs and Shanghai Millionaires

The Stamps from the Hongkew Era

A Tribute to the Artists

Tools for the Classroom

Shanghai Cigarettes

Gerhard Gottschalk -

The Way We Remember Shanghai .

KADOORIE - They helped build the schools. 

The Streets and People of Shanghai.

Typhoons in Shanghai

Rare photos of The Bund and surrounding areas

Sunlight - A soap to remember.

A Gold Pocket Watch for Three Meals of Spaghetti
Hongkew musician Siegfried Sonnenschein

SHANGHAI - yesterday and today

 Heimat und Exil' - Another Look

Survival in Shanghai

The Journals of Fred Marcus 1939 -- 1949
By Audrey Friedman Marcus and Rena Krasno
with a foreword by Deborah E. Lipstadt

Reminiscing by Paul Berg
Hot Water


Lungwha Airbase

Shanghai Polish consular records - by Peter Nash


Reunion Photo Albums -
A Brief Summary of the 2008 Reunion

The 2006 Reunion Chronicles

A Reunion and Seminar in Shanghai
"Risen from the Ashes" - a new book by Hans Cohn.
Shanghai Remembered - A new book by Berl Falbaum

Shanghai Diary' - Ursula Bacon's book.
Ghetto Shanghai' - A new book by Evelyn Pike Rubin

The Toronto Reunion Page

How the Shanghai Municipal Police spied on the refugees.

"Chinese Exile" - A new book by Horst Eisfelder

Doris Fogel joins her Classmates for a Reunion in Berlin

Exile Shanghai - the list book

Flight and Rescue

A Search for My Childhood Friends
How to search for "lost" Shanghailanders

The Ash Tray - By Paul Berg
Blond China Doll - a new book
Hometown Shanghai - By Sonja Mühlberger
What a Surprise - The mini Reunion in Berlin - by Sonja Mühlberger.


www.chinajewish.org  The Shanghai Jewish Center.
 www.erols.com/arbs for Asian Rare Books
 www.jewsofchina.org The Jewish Communities in China
 www.shanghai-jews.com   Jewish Headstone project and China Tours